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Engineers, and in particular large engineering companies have their own language.
A language full of three letter acronyms (TLAs), bizare terms and sayings. Control and instrument engineering is perhaps the biggest culprit. So much so, that even after 25 plus years in the industry you may still come across something new.
We have tried to make your life easier by providing specialist engineering glossaries, or by providing links to some of other sites who have assembled a good listing of meanings of engineering terms.
Control and Instrumentation Glossary
There are 2 ways to search our Glossary. You can search for the exact term, or view the alphabetical list. If you cannot find a particular term, let us know and we will add it.

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Relief Valve Glossary
Sort out your Accumulation from your Built Up Back Pressure by visiting our
Relief Valve Glossary
General Engineering Glossary
A wide range of general engineering terms and acronyms - with a slight bias towards the oil & gas industry can be found here, courtesy of www.ContractorsUnlimited.co.uk
Nuclear Engineering Glossary
Again, courtesy of www.ContractorsUnlimited.co.uk, but this time the glossary contains a good listing of nuclear engineering terms.

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Engineering Glossary
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